We manufacture automated lines for pellet production. Their primary purpose is the production of wood-pellets, but with several modifications, the area of use can be extended to include animal feed and organic waste fertilizer.

The lines incorporate all the material processing and treatment phases. The line components usually include the following: entry hopper, coarse mill, low-temperature belt dryer, fine mill, compaction press, cooler, sieve, a device for the packaging and wrapping of the bags on the pallets, the intermediate segments – conveyors (screw- or belt-type) – and the electronic control equipment.

We can adjust the capacity of all the elements and the layout of the components according to your needs and space constraints. We offer the possibility of incorporating advanced robotic cells for dosage and packaging.

Past projects

Strle Mirko Matija s.p. (Dolnja Bitnja, Slovenia), Energija narave d.o.o. (Žirovski vrh, Slovenia).

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