Low-temperature warm-air belt dryers are suitable for the drying of wood biomass (sawdust), as well as other bulk materials, organic waste, etc. Belt dryers are a part of larger lines for the production of wood-pellets used for heating, animal-feed pellets and organic waste pellets for fertilization. They are a crucial component in the pelletizing process (the process of compacting a material into pellets), as the amount of humidity, whether too-high or too-low, can greatly decrease the quality of the pellets.

Belt dryers are complex devices and in this region we are the only company possessing the knowledge and the capabilities necessary for cost-effective manufacture of such machines. We offer automated entry, drying and exit of the material with an automatic control of the output material humidity. Provided that the input humidity is predictable and sufficiently constant, an output humidity range of a few percent is achievable.

The dryer features a modular construction, which means that the capacity (measured in the weight of the material that can be processed in an hour) is adaptable. Subsequent upgrades and capacity increases are possible, if the need arises.

Past projects

Energija narave d.o.o. (Žirovski vrh, Slovenia).


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