We manufacture and market the in-house developed JAKA30 wood-pellet burner. In 2009 it received the “Bronasti ceh” award at the international trade fair in Celje.

It is distinguished by its construction quality, robustness and adaptability. In addition to the burner, we also manufacture pellet hoppers and pellet dispensing systems.

The hopper can be of standard dimensions, or a custom construction – a smaller one, for tight boiler-rooms, a lower one, for easier loading, or a larger one, for less frequent loading.

The burner can be installed on a wide variety of furnaces intended principally for the burning of solid wood. It is important for the furnace to have a somewhat larger, easily accessible combustion chamber with an ash container, as it has to be kept clean (the smaller it is, the more frequently it has to be cleaned). If you are unsure about whether the furnace is suitable, we can perform an inspection. The burner is attached to the existing furnace door (it is desirable to have a spare).

The burner is equipped with all the control electronics and safety sensors. The operation intervals of the burner and the basic service parameters are set using a digital interface, but the burner can also be connected to an existing thermostat for manual control.

The burner and the hopper are delivered to your home, where we perform the installation and the initial start-up in order to ensure correct operation. We also provide technical and service support for the burner, even after the expiration of the 1-year warranty period. It is advisable to keep the variations in pellet quality as low as possible; in addition to that, a regular cleaning schedule will help to further reduce the problems inherent to all the pellet burners.


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